Evolution der Perle

Damit ich schon mal weiss wie viele Briefumschläge ich bestellen muss !

Ab heute kann eine signierte Version von meinem Buch "Evolution der Perle" vorbestellt werden.
Die Lieferung erfolgt dann ab dem 4.11.2014
Zusätzlich zum Buch wird es eine freie Anleitung für das Armband "Andrea" geben. Diese Anleitung ist exklusiv nur als Beilage zum Buch erhältlich. 

Just that I know how many envelopes I have to order !

From today you can pre order a signed copy the german version of my latest book in my shop. In addition there will be a free pattern for the bracelet "Andrea", which is only available in combination with the book. 


Anonym hat gesagt…
Hi Sabine,

I received my Bead Evolution book on Friday October 31 and I have unilaterally decided that from now on October 31 will be Sabine Evolution Day rather than Halloween. I am in love with many of the designs! To make sure I finish many of the projects I already have started I am ordering myself to complete on project before I start each new project from Bead Evolution. Sunday I spent two hours completing a simple herringbone bracelet that I started a few weeks ago - Yea, now on to the Sparkleisious Pendant! Three hours later it was done - fantastic in soft and medium pinks. Everyone has commented on how lovely it is. As usual your instructions are spot on and easy to follow. How do you come up with such gorgeousness. With all my respect, Lesli. Keep up the great work.

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