Three new Kits for Crownie

Caribbean Sea

White Opal


Available at / Erhältlich bei


Halinka hat gesagt…
I have had had no time,nor mood recently to comment...Everything just because of those horrifying events in Norway...I am still so close to it...but...I see the Great Work and I cannot resist not to admire,not to comment upon.
Those 'emmbellished balls' are MIRACULOUS!All kind of them,You show!
I cannot make them-I am too fresh at beading,but admiring the something I can do and I should! I love the 'strawberry' version very much...I see-lots of hard work,lot of invention,lots of patience and the effect is overwhelming!
I adore all of them!
Toñi Payseo hat gesagt…
Maravillosa creación!!!!!!!111
perlenstrom hat gesagt…
Wunderschöne Farben,deine drei neuen Crownies ;-))).
LG Karin
A... nakit hat gesagt…
wow, look nice...

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