Update- the second day

Yesterday I met Tali my FB-Beading Buddy (FBBB) from Israel! She wore abeautiful variation of "let it grow" blossoms blossoms blossoms!
It was great to meet you Tali!!!!

Petra and I, we had our first class with fabulous Sherri Serafini! She's really the rockstar among beaders ;-)
And we created a new technique "Engluedery"
(Sorry Sherri I had to use this one ;-))

And on top of this day a wonderful evening with Suzanne Golden and her "gang"....
she's a really remarkable person! ;-)
Thank you Suzanne for all your tips and tricks and hints (I hope I will not miss anything hehehe)


LUCY hat gesagt…
Me alegra muchisimo, que estes aprendiendo cositas, ufffff, que miedo me dan tantas artistas juntas, esa creatividad está al máximo. Un besito a todas y por supuesto muchas felicidades.
Releases by Rufydoof hat gesagt…
Oh my I could only imagine taking a class with Sherry - you lucky lucky girl!! Love the pic!


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