Update- The first day

Well THAT'S what you call some beadwork!

Sabine look I found a tiny ring ;-)

Well guy's I heard there are some chicks in town?

Andrea and Freddie Ott from "Perlenpoesie"
Sometimes work can be fun!!!! ;-))

Ok and now.... we do some Shopping hehehe... we are girls, aren't we?
(Petra and Martina)
Milwaukee welcomed us with beautiful sunshine. Were we had no classes on that first day, we walked alonng the riverwalk to the third ward. Beautiful, fancy and interesting shops there, lots of arts. Meanwhile more and more beaders arrived here at the show.
I met Suzanne Golden who hypnotized me with a silver ring..... (still feeling dizzy), we had a little get together with Marcia DeCoster, Laura Andrews, Leslie Frasier and Nancy Cain, but the evening ended early... still some jetlag ;-)
My first pictures were of such a low quality, that I couldn't post them.... hey beaders are faster than you think, they easily disappear from your camera-lense (or I am too slow or excited?... I'll think it over hehehe)
Today is my first class with Sherry Serafini ;-)
I'm trying to get some coffe now!
.... to be continued....


BeAdCrEaTiOn hat gesagt…
Hallo trytobe
du machst mich echt neidisch.
Warte schon gespannt auf die nächsten posts von dir,
was du noch alles siehst und entdeckst.
Viel Spaß euch noch!!!
Liebe Grüße
LUCY hat gesagt…
Muchas gracias, por compartir este paseo tan provechoso, observando el anillo, creo que me queda algo pequeño......jejejeje, que bien, me encanta que lo estes disfrutando, un besito.

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