Update- the 4rth day

Yesterday the shopping started... no... this is not correct!
Yesterday the maniac shopping started!
I never ever saw as many beadartists, beads and beadsupplies in one place!!!
I met Lisa Peters, whose porcellain, raku and stoneware cabochons became part of my work a long time ago...

Jill Wiseman nearly gave me a heartattack with her beautiful 2mm Swarovski Bicones.... specialcoated!
(Well the heartattack happened then to my creditcard ;-))

Rachel Nelson Smith (Now I know how to pronounce Ootheca!)

And last but not least: I my Marcia DeCoster class, ... guess who was sitting right next to me?
Adele Recklies, the author of "Bead crochet Snakes"
Wow that was amazing to talk with her about her research!
Today is one day off....
time for some shopping ;-)


Dotterblatt hat gesagt…
Nur dass ihr das wisst, ich lese eifrig mit und freu mich wie Bolle für euch, dass ihr so eine aufregende und tolle Zeit habt :-)
orlyc hat gesagt…
Dear Sabine,
I follow your updates every day! WOW!!! You sure are having the time of your life!!!!
Hope you got yourself lots(!) and lots (!) of beads and cabochons!!! This is definitely the place for shopping!!!
Be happy
LUCY hat gesagt…
No compres mucho, que la tarjetita uffffffff, saca humo....jejejjej....debes de estar viendo verdaderas bellezas, ahhhhhy, que envidia sana.....un beso.

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