Beading needle collection - Eva Maria Keiser

This will be the first chapter
of a
new blog-series...

The "Beading needle collection".

These first two needles are from Eva Maria Keiser.
She wrote:

"I started out the new year [Jan 2010] with two each of size

10, 12, and 13 John James needles. I bead at least 8 hours each day and am still using these needles."

So this is what I call accuracy! None of my needles would survive that long!

And Evas projects are anything else but easy tasks for beadingneedles ;-)

Eva Maria Keiser is doing Peyote in the third dimension.

She builds fabulous spheres and vessels, some more geometric, others rich embellished.

Visit her blog her homepage and enjoy her freebies


Lariata hat gesagt…
That's realy wonderful accuracy! My needles are so curly, like wire spring :))) Very interesting series, wait for a new article.
Beadwright hat gesagt…
Eva's needles look typical for a beader. I use sharps and get a curve in the middle and sometimes at the tip.

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