Beading needle collection - Peter Sewell

These two needles are from Peter Sewell.
He wrote:
"The two are size 13 John James after making 'Maryshka', (...) all with Fireline and I tension very hard."
These needles had a hard job to do, see the pictures of Maryshka below! Only two size 13 needles, Fireline and the entire piece.... respect Mr. Sewell! ;-)

See what happens when Testosterone meets Swarovski!
Peter Sewell is a passionate beader from the UK. His work is characterised by opulent Swarovski Cabochons, combined to unique and elegant beadwork.



See his marvelous work on his Homepage Blog or Etsy-shop


gabi hat gesagt…
Csodálatosak, igazi műalkotások!
SpringColors hat gesagt…
wow. only two needles for this item?! when I finish a piece all the needles I've used are crooked and broken.

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