Raku Rainbow

As the first result of the exchange. 
A Raku from  Marianne Kasparian  www.MAKUstudio.etsy.com
It was a lot of fun to "freestyle"


Carol Dean hat gesagt…
Watching you work with this is a rather humbling experience! This is gorgeous! Not in a million years would it have occurred to me to give it a "freestyle" treatment...this is perfect :D ::applause::
:-) MaryLou hat gesagt…
Incredibly beautiful!! The treatment and the colors are perfect.
Try-to-be-better hat gesagt…
Ha! Carol! I guarantee you, this will not be your last Marzipan. I only wait that it arrives safely and then we make the next ;-))
Thanks again!
Art of the Firebird hat gesagt…
Beautiful!!!! I love raku anyway but what you've done with it is magnificent.
MAKUstudio hat gesagt…
It's beautiful! Carol Dean shared your site with me. Thank you for creating such beauty with my raku cabochon! Just perfect!...and I know Carol Dean will enjoy her marzipan!
lisa peters ART hat gesagt…
Beautiful! love the color!
Marta hat gesagt…
Liebe Try to be!

Unglaublich wie du die Farben des Regenbogens eine nach der anderen auffädelst! Sie ist echt wunderschön. Ich gratuliere auch zu deinen anderen Werke. Ich komme regelmässig deine Werke bewundern!


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