Bling wheel

Variante vom Steel-wheel... mit Brückenperlen in der Mitte


Marcia DeCoster hat gesagt…
You are well ahead of the right angle weave curve. I think you'll just skip the fundamental chapter and move right onto whatever project catches your eye. Nice work.
Marcia DeCoster hat gesagt…
hhhmmm...since I don't read German, I am going to assume durch den blog autor genehmight werden means that you need to approve comments?
Try-to-be-better hat gesagt…
Yes, you are right, i check the comments before they appear in my blog. I don't want to miss a single one and on the other hand, I don't like spam ;-))
Wow, you feed us with super stuff every day. You must have minimum six hands! Your works are amazing!
coco006 hat gesagt…
superbe ! très original

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